A 6-point security checkup for working from everywhere

A 6-point security checkup for working from everywhere


This is a great piece with some helpful insights that are applicable at the individual, client service, and enterprise level. Follow the link above for the full article.

“No one has ever seen a year like 2020. These are unprecedented times for all of us — individuals, families, and organizations alike.

As we continue adapting to the changing conditions, it is important for organizations to review the actions they have taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and assess the effects of those actions on the organization’s cybersecurity posture.”

Area of interest 1: Hardware configurations

Area of interest 2: Personal devices connecting to network

Area of interest 3: Infrastructure governance

Area of interest 4: The location of company data

Area of interest 5: Videoconferencing

Area of interest 6: Security awareness training

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