Beyond the Numbers: Execs Want CFOs to Improve Their Communication and Management Skills 

CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) has taken center stage as firms try to navigate economic uncertainties, advising other company leaders on strateg

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How to Reduce Customer Churn as a CFO 

We've all learned that it is more expensive to acquire new customers than it is to keep current ones, which is especially the case now. What CFOs may

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The Non-Toxic Workplace: How to Mitigate the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation looks poised to continue well into 2022, driven by a grab bag of factors.

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Project $50M: Best Practices for Scaling Your Ecommerce Operations

Growing your business to $50M in annual revenue and beyond means refining your e-commerce operations now:

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Tips for Business Forecasting When Historical Data Doesn’t Cut It

As business conditions continue to change quickly, finance leaders are finding the forecasting process is even more critical — yet just as challeng

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6 Skills Every New Finance Hire Should Have

In a climate of unusually high employee turnover, scouting solid finance hires is more important than ever. Here, leaders who've been to this rodeo a

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How to Raise Capital for Business Growth

Growth capital can help businesses significantly increase their value, but be clear on how these funds will drive growth. Once a business has clearly

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