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Defining Burn Rate, Gross Burn and Net Burn

When it comes to any business, but especially for a start-up, it’s essential to determine how long a company can survive before it must declare

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Actions Lottery Winners Should Consider

We all have those days when we dream of striking it rich with a winning lottery ticket. Never having to work again while living a life of luxury. Whil

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From Typewriters to Tweets: How Tech Transformed Small Businesses

Remember carbon copies and rotary phones? In the blink of an eye, technology has catapulted small businesses from analog havens to digital powerhouse

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Understanding How Variances Vary

Variance analysis is found by determining the difference between what was budgeted and what actually occurred. Additionally, when variances are added

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Small Business Finance and Accounting Challenges: A Comprehensive Analysis

Small businesses play a vital role in driving economic growth and fostering innovation. However, these enterprises often grapple with unique financia

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Counting the Cost: Opportunity Costs in Growing Business Accounting

Crescent | January 06, 2024 Running a scaling business comes with its own set of challenges and one significant hurdle that many entrepreneurs fac

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Documenting Fiduciary Accounting Practices

Fiduciary accounting, which is also referred to as court accounting, is a way to document and report financial activity during a discrete period of ti

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