Does quality control feel more like playing Minesweeper?

Does quality control feel more like playing Minesweeper?

Designing, manufacturing, distributing and selling a product of high quality doesn’t happen by accident, it requires a company-wide commitment to enforce policies and standards. NetSuite’s Quality Management solution has been designed to help you deliver the highest quality in your products with minimal overhead regardless of the size and complexity of your business and product line.

A quality management process is defined by its inspections and specifications. NetSuite defines a quality
specification as a collection of related inspections. These inspections and specifications determine the
level of quality measured against shop floor processes and incoming and outgoing shipments. For
example, did the finished product pass the pH level test, were the correct number of items shipped to the
customer, or were the items received in good condition?
As your standards and requirements change, NetSuite Quality Management solution makes it easy to update existing, or create new, inspections and specifications, saving you time and money.

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Key Benefits
• Formalize quality policies, standards and practices.
• Improve product quality.
• Initiate quality activities from business transactions.
• Work with large volumes of raw data sets.
• Collect in-process and incoming inspection results.
• Compare to pass/fail criteria.
• Integrated non-conformance reporting.
• Reduced cost of quality

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