NetSuite: A Cloud Business Management System for Food and Beverage Organizations

NetSuite: A Cloud Business Management System for Food and Beverage Organizations

Financials and Accounting

Today, many businesses in the industry rely on multiple solutions that
can’t achieve all of their financial reporting needs. Because of this,
companies leverage tools such as Excel to piece together and view financial
and accounting data. This static data makes it nearly impossible to obtain
accurate insights into the business and often results in errors. The outcome
is significant amounts of time wasted on building reports, hindering the
ability to make an intelligent decision. Additionally, the lack of accurate
data across the organization can affect all departments, resulting in
problems such as restricted cash flow as well as lengthy and inefficient
period-end close process.

NetSuite’s unified platform ensures complete real-time visibility into the
financial performance of the business from a consolidated level down to
the individual transactions. It seamlessly integrates with all NetSuite order
management, inventory, CRM and ecommerce functions to streamline
critical processes and deliver the best outcomes for your business.

controller dashboard

Controller Dashboard

Real-time Global Inventory and Order Management

Everything in NetSuite is updated and available globally in real time.
Whether you have one location or 10 warehouses, everyone in your
company will be on the same page in terms of inventory position,
availability and commitments. The Advanced Order Management solution
lets you configure rules to define which locations should be used for
order supply based on location, lead-time, service level, availability or any
combination of these parameters and more.

Achieve the perfect product assortment, tear down inventory silos,
avoid stock-outs and deliver on promises with a unified instance of
merchandise data across all channels. Finally put an end to drastic
markdowns on excessive stock and unrestricted cash flow that is tied up
in tired inventory. NetSuite’s inventory and order management capabilities
allow you to understand your bottom-line costs while maintaining the
right mix of product across the business.


Inventory Management Dashboard

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