Process and Technology Tips for Successful Remote Work

Process and Technology Tips for Successful Remote Work

If your workplace hasn’t yet been transformed by remote work, get ready because it’s coming. What was once a home-office respite from interaction where you could engage in heads-down work has become just another setting for interaction. If you’re not mentally and technologically prepared for the challenges that have emerged as a result of the this transformation, you can find yourself sinking quickly. Here are a couple great articles on how to manage remote work.

Twenty Tips for Working At Home

“The global spread of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, is keeping people at home. Much of the world is on lockdown, and, even in places that aren’t, people are encouraged to stay at home. Where it’s possible, employers are encouraging or requiring people to work from home for an indeterminate amount of time. If you’re new to the work-from-home lifestyle, whether due to coronavirus or because you’ve managed to find a remote-based job, you’ll need to change some of your habits and routines to make working from home a success.”

1. Maintain Regular Hours

2. Create a Morning Routine

3. Set Ground Rules With the People in Your Space

4. Schedule Breaks

5. Take Breaks in Their Entirety

6. Leave Home

7. Don’t Hesitate to Ask for What You Need

8. Keep a Dedicated Office Space

9. Maintain a Separate Phone Number

10. Use a VPN

11. Socialize With Colleagues

12. “Show Up” to Meetings and Be Heard

13. Get Face Time

14. Take Sick Days

15. Look for Training Opportunities

16. Overcommunicate

17. Be Positive

18. Take Advantage of Your Perks

19. Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

20. End Your Day With a Routine


Three tech-related Tips for Working Better Remotely

“You don’t need to become a tech wizard or be able to build your own PC to thrive in our remote present and future. All you have to do is take the time to familiarize yourself with your hardware and software, and then build a system that works for you. Here are a few helpful tips designed to help you do just that.”

Be intentional with your hardware and wiring

Whip up some improved Wi-Fi

Declutter your digital workspace


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