NetSuite Launches Ship Central

NetSuite Launches Ship Central

Realizing that efficient inventory management means going beyond simple spreadsheets and logs. Crescent has partnered with NetSuite to provide you with simple and customizable solutions specific to Inventory Management.

NetSuite Inventory Management provides real-time view of inventory across all locations and affiliated channels. This allows your business to reduce inventory and free up cash while also avoiding potential stockouts. Optimizing your businesses inventory levels and ensuring product availability across multiple channels.

Here are some of the features and benefits NetSuite Inventory management system could provide:

Boost Profitability: Managing inventory is more efficient and cost-effective with company-wide inventory visibility. Which means your business can focus on what truly matters, sales.

Lower Cost of Goods Sold: Lower your shipping costs and reduce expenses by utilizing an automated and intelligent fulfillment system

Optimized Inventory Levels: Avoid a potential stock-out through demand-based planning. NetSuite uses historical demand, financial forecasts and demand seasonality to ensure you have the right amount of stock.

NetSuites new mobile application enhances the entire packing-to-delivery process to expedite shipments and minimize costs further. Announced at SuiteWorld 2022 in Las Vegas, NetSuite hopes to help organizations further improve the efficiency of warehouse operations. This application equips warehouse workers with packing and shipping capabilities on a mobile or kiosk.

Check out the full announcement here:

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