Knowing If NetSuite + Next Service FSM* SuiteApp Is Right for Your Organization

Is as Easy as A-B-C

Assess if Next Service, a native NetSuite field service app developed by Next Technik, is the right fit for your field service operations and understand the value of implementing our solution.

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A – Activity and performance of field service team

The activity and performance of your field service team impacts the profitability and sustainability of your company. You know what metrics to capture yet find it nearly impossible to collect accurate data due to manual processes and disparate systems.

Some of the metrics you wish to measure more accurately are:

Repeat Visit Rate (RVR): Number of times an installed product had to be re-serviced by a technician within a certain time frame

Service Contract Attach Rate: Percentage of active customers with a preventative maintenance (PM) contract

First-Time Fix Rate (FTFR): Percentage of time a technician can fix an issue the first time

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR): Average time to detect an issue, diagnose the problem, repair, and return the system to full functionality

Next Service + NetSuite enables users to collect and capture data in real-time to accurately record and report on these metrics in one system.

B- Biggest field service challenges

Some of the biggest challenges facing your field service operations include, but are not limited to:

Scheduling and dispatching

Resource planning

Visibility of data in the field

Job safety and compliance Customer service

Inventory and spare parts management

Job/Asset history

Lack of data visibility and reporting

Disjointed systems resulting in inaccurate data

Next Service helps users tackle these challenges by providing a 360-degree view of real-time field service data on the NetSuite platform. A single source of truth enables easy access to mission-critical data for up-to-date reporting that guides nimble business decisions… in the field and at HQ.

C- Customer
and asset data

Still using paperwork and whiteboards to capture customer data and schedule jobs? Your organization is a prime candidate to benefit from Next Service +

By optimizing access to and collection of customer data in the field, Next Service helps improve customer service by digitizing your workforce. Boost productivity and empower field service technicians with full visibility of customer and asset data.

Tackling Your Field Service Challenges with Next Service…
Is as Easy as 1-2-3

While the list of Qualification Questions is not comprehensive, if you answered yes to multiple requirements, Next Service + NetSuite is a great fit for your organization.

You’ve already completed step 1. Take the next step toward tackling your field service challenges and schedule a discovery call with Next Technik today.

1. Scopeyourproject(seeQualificationQuestions)

2. Schedule a business discussion with Next Technik

3. Experience a personalized demo


Qualification Questions

The following questions will help assess whether NetSuite + Next Service solution is a fit for your organization:

1. Do you have the following field service requirements?

• Job creation, assignment, and scheduling
• Installation of new equipment or commissioning of an onsite project
• Repairs or reactive work
• Preventive or scheduled maintenance
• Equipment or service warranties
• Asset management (owned assets, customer assets, or site address)
• Managing van stock or truck rolls

2. Does your organization require scheduling of resources or crews?


3. Do you cost time, resources, materials, or expenses to jobs?


4. Do you track parts 6 and require inventory management?

5. Is your organization required to capture photos and signatures, collect data, or show proof of service while in the field?


6. Does your field service team consist of 10 or more technicians?