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14 Essential KPIs for Effective Finance and Accounting Management

It’s no secret that having a clear understanding of financial performance is key for any business looking for success and this is why keeping t

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From Typewriters to Tweets: How Tech Transformed Small Businesses

Remember carbon copies and rotary phones? In the blink of an eye, technology has catapulted small businesses from analog havens to digital powerhouse

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Regulation Roulette: Can You Spin Your Way to Small Business Success in 2024?

As we head into 2024, small businesses face many new challenges, especially amidst economic uncertainties and regulatory shifts. With these new r

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Counting the Cost: Opportunity Costs in Growing Business Accounting

Crescent | January 06, 2024 Running a scaling business comes with its own set of challenges and one significant hurdle that many entrepreneurs fac

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How Crescent’s NetSuite Consulting and CFO Services Are Fueling Financial Success For Small Businesses 

As companies strive to navigate an increasingly complex and competitive business landscape, small businesses in particular face numerous challeng

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Finding Balance: How to Overcome the Daily Chase of Accounting as a Company Leader

Small and mid-sized companies often face significant challenges when it comes to maintaining effective accounting processes. The lack of accounting e

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RF Smart X NetSuite: Rocking the Boat with New Technology

Smooth sailing ahead for marine manufacturing and wholesale distribution company, GEM Products, Inc. rfs_netsuite_case_study_gemDownload

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