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RF Smart X NetSuite: Rocking the Boat with New Technology

Smooth sailing ahead for marine manufacturing and wholesale distribution company, GEM Products, Inc. rfs_netsuite_case_study_gemDownload

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NetSuite Account

Account reconciliation is a time-consuming, resource intensive process. Use of spreadsheets can lead to costly errors, delay the financial close,

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4 Major Financial Visibility Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Every company must know how much cash it has on hand, how much it owes suppliers, and how much it owes customers. Keeping track of these facts, o

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Cost Analysis: What Is It and Why Is It Used?

Clean data and high-quality reports are the product of laborious efforts to obtain the necessary information and organize it effectively in a

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Find End-of-Year Magic with a Smooth Year-End Close

A solid foundation, well-organized workflows, and quick access to key information all contribute to a successful year-end closure.  For o

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How Multidimensional Financial Analysis Creates a Data-Driven Culture

Business insights can alter how you operate to meet financial targets and support strategy. They can also broaden your perspective on what to cre

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Business Intelligence Strategy: Steps, Best Practices, and Templates

Your business generates A LOT of data – make sure you’re doing something with it. How to turn that data into a bottom-line boost with a BI strateg

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