The Crescent Community: Meet Dolphin Plumbing

The Crescent Community: Meet Dolphin Plumbing
The Crescent Community
Crescent clients get more than just the best accounting and technology services, they become part of a community that grows together.  

Crescent is a hub where many communities come together

1. Generations: The employees, extended team, and owners of Crescent are made up of members of the Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millenials. We bring a diversity of perspectives and experiences to the work we do.

2. Industries:
Business leaders from many industries from Construction-related trades to Retail to Manufacturing and Supply Chain & Logistics. With a broad scope of clients, we have developed processes and strategies that are unique to certain businesses while also providing informed insights into how certain processes and strategies can be implemented universally, with success.

3.Business Size:
Under $1 Million to over a $1 Billion. We have the skills, technological know-how,  and expertise to help our clients grow. Whether tour clients are just starting up and need guidance on processes or whether they need access to enterprise-wide solutions, our passion is each client’s growth and success. 

We work with a group of friends, clients, and colleagues from around the world.

We provide various services to these communities:

  • tax
  • payroll
  • bookkeeping
  • staff augmentation
  • managed services
  • technology support and advising
  • ERP selection, design, implementation.

As we are a firm with a broad-skilled team that depends on us to generate opportunity for growth in their own careers and their own communities, we know that a solid reputation and sharp skills go a long way. We are constantly growing our own team’s knowledge bases and skill sets. 

We know that a good referral goes a long way.

So, here’s one from our community.

We want to share a Crescent Consulting partner story, where we have been able to help one of our clients “Accelerate Into the Curves” of an otherwise challenging business landscape.

Dolphin Plumbing and Drain is a great, family-owned plumbing company based in SouthWest Florida. They provide superior plumbing services to their clients, have a great reputation for quality and a great family success story. 

When we engaged with them, they were:We were able to help them:
Using separate platforms for Invoicing and AccountingUsing separate platforms for Accounting and Cash PaymentsMove to a single, fully-integrated invoicing, accounting, and payment processing solution
Not maximizing their cash flowsSetup and train them on the use of mobile applications to manage cash flows and reporting

Setup and train them on the use of fully-integrated mobile applications for point-of-sale transactions.
Not optimizing their business organization to minimize their tax burdens Provide payroll support and advisory services on how to reduce the family’s overall tax burden while remaining tax-compliant

In short, we did what we do best—accounting, technology, and process advising—so they can do what they do best: Be the best Plumbing and Drain Service provider in their market.

As they continue accelerating—adding more vans, adding more employees, adding more types of services, and adding more service areas—Crescent will be right alongside them.

We love having clients like Dolphin Plumbing and highly recommend them if you need plumbing services. 

If you’re not a Crescent client yet, whether you’re part of a billion dollar company or a million dollar company, we’d love to have you as part of our Community.

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