Why accountants should embrace ‘More with Less’

Why accountants should embrace ‘More with Less’


As an accounting firm, Crescent has embraced much of this and see that we are challenged to achieve, “more with less.” But these truths don’t apply only to firms like ours, they apply everywhere that accountants work: in accounting departments of big businesses as well as on technology and ERP implementation projects. By offering services in all three of these arenas, Crescent has insights that pure technology or pure accounting firms don’t have. Let us help drive your success by leveraging our cross-functional market position.

Accountants have an increasingly strategic role in a business and should embrace it. We are called to provide more than reporting, we are called to be instrumental in process, technology, and sustainability.

“What does More with Less mean for the accounting profession, and how is it connected to our future view? First and foremost, it does not mean fewer people. It means we will be doing more consulting and offering new services…”

“That’s a good thing, because technology-powered automation is making time more of a restraint to our firms than the revenue-generating friend it was the last 100-plus years. It’s a new day in accounting, and More with Less is central to our future view. This article explains why accountants should consider it our rallying cry.”

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