Why Choose Us?

We Know Business Technology

We implement the world’s leading cloud solution, NetSuite. Adaptability and agility have never been more important. NetSuite can deliver. With our team and the right solutions, you will have the visibility and control to make the right decisions, now. Our team will collaborate with you to build and implement an optimized solution that will scale with your business growth. We have the experience to make it happen with minimal business disruption and the skill to support, train and enable your team.

The crescent team has deep industry knowledge, and we provide “unique to client” service based on our collaboration. We have proven implementation methodology based on 25+ years of ERP and project leadership experience. All of our support is USA based and on-shore.

We Know Business Operation

Not only do we have deep industry knowledge, but we also have the ability to optimize and streamline. We don’t just implement NetSuite, we collaborate on best practices and “future-proofing” your unique design. We have an eye for correcting inefficiencies and pinpointing simpler and better flows. We are obsessed with NetSuite and process optimization.

We Know Accounting

Good accountants with software knowledge are hard to hire, expensive to keep, and difficult to manage. Crescent’s team of CPAs, accountants, and industry specialists can manage and handle your company’s inventory, accounting, costing, and many other business processes. Set your team free to focus on growing your business and keeping your customers happy.

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